tööstusehitus rvt estonian-cellIndustrial construction

Industrial construction includes projects from the assembly of equipment up to full construction of industrial buildings and infrastructure.

  • Plumbing
  • Pipe bridges
  • Installation of equipment
  • Industrial buildings
  • Tanks
  • Custom solutions

In production, timely delivery is important, therefore it is our main goal to deliver high-quality construction and installation services that are completed right on schedule.

We provide construction services for the production and industrial sectors, starting with the compilation of a pre-design according to the specifications of the customer; obtaining a construction permit; preparing the final design and the working project; and carrying out the construction works. After that, we will obtain an exploitation permit for the building and provide a guarantee for our work. We work as a meticulous partner in all stages of a project, out to protect the interests of our customer.

We have performed complicated installation works under strictly limited time schedules and in challenging conditions. It is one of the tasks of our engineers to see that the construction and installation works go as smoothly as possible and that the existing production processes are disrupted as little as possible.

See our projects.

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