General construction contracting and project management


RVT Ehitus

RVT Ehitus is a construction company.

Our activities include general contracting and project management in the construction of buildings and facilities. We offer services in general construction, environmental engineering and industrial construction.

We are always fully dedicated to every project at hand, regardless of whether the job is simple or a complicated project requiring complex engineering solutions.

It is our aim to be an open, friendly and cooperative partner, and we always put the customer first.



General construction

Design and construction of various buildings and facilities. From residential buildings to lighthouses.

Environmental engineering

We work with smaller and larger waste-water treatment systems, water purification, design and construction of external networks.

Industrial construction

A whole spectrum of services, from the assembly of equipment to full construction of industrial buildings and infrastructure.


Taavo Säärits
Member of the Board/General Manager
Jaak Kleinberg
Member of the Board/Project Manager
Rein Laikoja
Member of the Board/Project Manager
Voitek Karnatsevitš
Site Manager
Riho Horn
Site Manager
Oleg Jarnõhh
Site Manager