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Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering is a field that we take very seriously. We work with small and large waste-water treatment systems, water purification, design and construction of external networks.

  • Waste-water treatment systems
  • Purification of drinking water
  • Pumping stations
  • Sewage plumbing
  • Water-supply plumbing
  • Drainage plumbing
  • Biogas stations
  • Tanks
  • Technical facilities

We put great emphasis on environment-friendliness and recycling. We want our activities to be beneficial to nature as well as people. Therefore, we execute environmental projects with utmost responsibility.

Our teams have built small as well as large waste-water treatment systems and drinking-water cleaning systems over the years. We have installed various external networks in order to achieve minimum leaks with the new plumbing, resulting in a better-protected environment and greater cost-efficiency.

Our experience allows us to take on projects right from the initial designing stage, letting us find and execute the solution that is most suitable for the customer as well as for the environment. Together with our partners, we are able to fully operationalise environmental projects and carry out analyses.

See our projects.

Vaivara Treatment Centre
Muuga Waste-Water Treatment Plant
Paljassaare Waste-Water Treatment Plant
Sillamäe Waste-Water Treatment Plant
Rakvere pre-treatment system
Waste-water treatment system at Ämari Air Base