• Reconstruction of waste-water treatment plant in SillamäeCustomer: Sillamäe Veevärk AS

    Task: A new SBR waste-water treatment system was built with an active sludge purification process, monolithic concrete processing tanks and additional tanks – the whole pre-purification and sediment processing systems. The technical building was constructed and the corresponding courtyards and roads built. Unnecessary facilities were demolished. New equipment was installed and tuned. Pre-purification with a compact automated mesh and sand trap; accumulation and surge tank; a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) type active sludge treatment for removing carbon compounds; nitrogen and phosphorus in two parallel lines; chemical phosphorus elimination (secondary); waste-water disinfection function; gravitational compaction of waste-water sediment; composting of waste-water sediment; waste-water marine outfall with effluent pumping station.

    Completed: 2013

    Filtration devices for the plumbing and water system in the town of Sillamäe, third stage.

    Customer: Nordecon AS

    Task: Design and construction works for the reconstruction of the plumbing system and water filtration devices of the town of Sillamäe, third stage.

    Gravitational water treatment filters were installed in the drinking water purification stations at Sillamäe. A tank was built for the waste-water treatment system and post-filtration equipment installed to improve the removal of suspended particles from waste water, resulting in clearer water containing less phosphorus. The coagulant dosage system and mixing systems of the waste-water treatment system were also upgraded. Additionally, water and sewage plumbing in the town was reconstructed.

    Completed: 2015