• Reconstruction of central waste-water pumping stations for the town of Saku

Customer: Saku Maja AS

  • Design and construction works for the sewage and drainage plumbing system of Jüri 1

Customer: Elveso AS

Task: New waste-water pumping stations were built – water plumbing, self-flowing and pressurised waste-water plumbing.

  • Reconstruction of the waste-water system in the towns of Torma and Sadala

Customer: Torma Soojus OÜ

Task: The waste-water treatment systems of Torma and Sadala were reconstructed, technical buildings built, aerated basins cleansed and tanks reconstructed.

  • Public water supply and main pipelines in Kohtla-Järve region

Customer: Järve Biopuhastuse OÜ

Task: Renovation of the public water supply system of the Kohtla-Järve region; design and construction of main pipelines. The contract included construction and reconstruction of the drinking water supply system running from the Ahtme water treatment station, around Jõhvi and up to the southern water intake in Kohtla-Järve.