• Construction of office building in Tiskre

Task:Construction of a 3-story office building in the Haabersti district of Tallinn.

  • Construction of the waste-water pre-purification system at the AS Farmi Piimatööstus Dairy in Jõhvi

Task: Construction of the technical building for the waste-water pre-purification system, the waste-water mechanical pre-purification system and the equalising tank for AS Farmi Piimatööstus in Jõhvi

  • Design and construction of the closed drinking-water reservoir at the beacon’s well-pumping station

Task:Demolition of the existing drinking water reservoir, design and construction of the new reservoir, reconstruction of the facade of the pumping station.

  • Construction of a sports and leisure centre in Laagri

Task: Construction and design of a tennis centre with six indoor courts and accompanying premises in Laagri.

  • Tallinn Waste-Water Treatment Plant

Customer: AS Tallinna Vesi

Task: Construction of the coagulant dosage system for the Tallinn Waste-Water Treatment Plant, reconstruction of the suction tank of the purified waste-water pumping station.

Construction of the waste-water coagulant tank with pumping station and dosage components for AS Tallinna Vesi; installation of a phosphorus metering system. The purified waste water tank was reconstructed, a distribution node for the incoming pumping station was built and the 1,400 mm collector connecting the tanks was rerouted. As a result of the work carried out, the phosphorus removal process of the waste water treatment system was improved; coagulant can now be added more economically; maintenance works of the pumping station can be carried out; and the operation of the pumping station controlled in a more efficient manner.

Sports and leisure centre in Laagri
Tallinn Waste-Water Treatment Plant
Office building in Tiskre
Farmi Dairy