• Installation of screening equipment for Estonian Cell

Customer: Estonian Cell AS

Task: Installation of additional screening equipment in the AS Estonian Cell aspen wood pulp plant along with the construction of required piping and structures. The capacity for purification of processing water was improved.

  • Reconstruction of the beacon at the Karala lighthouse

Customer: Maritime Administration

Task: Reconstruction of the metal-frame beacon on the western coast of Saaremaa Island, electricity works and installation of new ID plate.

  • Construction of the waste-water treatment system in the barracks of Ämari Air Base

Customer: Riverside OÜ

Task: A new SBR waste-water treatment system was designed and installed for the military campus, including a processing tank with an active sludge removal process, with the accompanying additional tanks (surge tanks and sludge-compacter tanks), pre-purification. New covered tanks were built, the necessary plumbing installed, a pumping station and screen tank installed, and landscaping works carried out. New equipment was installed and tuned.

  • Reconstruction of the pressure piping at the pumping stations in Roodevälja and the town of Rakvere

Customer: Skanska AS

Task: Defunct pressure piping connecting the Rakvere meat processing plant with the waste-water treatment plant in Rakvere was replaced, with maintenance and aeration chambers.

  • Construction of the water circulation pipes at Estonian Cell

Customer: Estonian Cell AS

Task: Construction of the circulation water pipes at Estonian Cell using directional drilling. Two hundred and fifty-two (252) m of water piping (diameter 160 mm) was installed into sandstone on the plant’s premises.

Screening equipment and water piping for Estonian Cell
Pressure piping of Roodevälja and Rakvere
Beacon of Karala lighthouse
Waste-water treatment system for the barracks at Ämari Air Base